Why Delhi

INTIMASIA's third edition will be focused on Delhi, the city surrounded by 6 major states and connected to 86 prime cities. The Northern hotbed is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with 11.22% GSDP growth rate that's climbing to new heights with each passing day. This astounding growth is embarked by its seven philosophies of sturdy policy, government focus, favourable geographical location and the fashion forward citizens, infrastructure, economic climate and business investment perception.

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total potential revenue of

328.58 Billion

of all given states under one roof

Delhi is the capital of the Republic of India and also a state for administrative purposes. It is one of the largest metropolises in the country. Prominently diversified

Fastest Growing Market

DELHI is one of the fastest growing market for Intimate Wear Brands / Products

Brand Aware Market

With a per capita income of Rs.3,60,644 and 86.2% literacy, DELHI is also one the most brand aware and fashion consumping states of India.

Average Annual Sales Per Store

Average annual sales for intimate wear products per counter is approximately Rs.21,60,000/-consumping states of India.

2500+ Intimate Wear Store

Over 2,500 Traditional & Modern MBOs sell Intimate Wear products in whole of Delhi

Monthly & Year Sale

Delhi has an approximate monthly sale of Rs.504 Crores and yearly sale of Rs.6,048 Cores for all intimate wear products clubbed together.


Because of its excellent connectivity, Delhi is gateway to exploring Northern Intimate Wear Market

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